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Welcome to is the place to find great freeware and shareware software for your computer. We have tons of great computer wallpaper, screensavers, and desktop themes for you to dress up your computer.

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Why have a boring desktop, when you can dress it up with cool wallpaper. We have wallpapers for every taste - from hightech 3d wallpaper, to the latest movie wallpaper like The Matrix Wallpaper below. Browse our computer wallpaper collection.
Matrix Wallpaper
Matrix Wallpaper


In the early days of computers, screensavers were used to avoid problems with monitor burn-in. While those days are long gone, screensavers are still used to add personality and flair to our computers. Browse our animated screensavers collection.
3d Screensavers
3D Screensavers

Desktop Themes

Desktop themes alow you to customize your computer with coordinated wallpapers, screensavers, icons, and cursors. Even the sounds your computer makes can be changed. Browse our free desktop themes collection.
Dragon Themes
Dragon Themes

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